A few months before our wedding in November of 2018, me and my wife talked about how our life would be once married.

The idea of ​​continuing to work for somebody else was not something that excited me anymore, we both wanted to do something different, we knew it was time to take risks and build something of our own.

So together with Alejandra we set out on this adventure. Very quickly this project was named Dale Café.

With previous experience working in this industry, one of our biggest frustrations was that living in a coffee growing region it was not easy to have a good coffee cup. Hearing from the people that the best beans were exported abroad, that the local brands were not up to par, and that the prices of the poor-quality grains we could get were too high made us think that we had an opportunity to do something different. But how to compete in an industry where the main brands have such strong roots and were very well positioned?

We started wondering… what happens if we talk to small coffee growers and propose them the idea of ​​commercializing their products so that they generate greater value by selling it to us roasted and not raw unroasted beans where international prices hardly cover their production costs? Will this project might be something that may stop people from migrating and leaving their families behind? And what if instead of going through supermarkets and traditional systems we take it directly to homes or offices where it will be consumed? And what happens if we give people the opportunity to customize their orders?

And from question to question we created the first subscription service for specialty coffees in Central America that commercializes beans from small producers through a digital platform with home delivery all over the world.

We are starting this journey where we will get to try the different coffees the country produces but also, we will get to know the brighter stars of this story … the small producers that with their commitment and dedication have made Guatemala famous for the unmatched quality of their grains. Join us in this adventure!